It’s Officially Summer

I don’t care what the calendar says, as far as I’m concerned, today is the official start of summer. Why?  Let me show you:

“Summer breeze, makes me feel fine…”

Does anything scream “it’s summertime” louder than kicking back in a hammock and looking up at the trees? Possibly the only addition that could have made this afternoon more divine would be having one of the beverage stakes pictured in this month’s Better Homes & Gardens.

I’ve read many a gardener’s musings on the importance of taking time to sit and enjoy their hard work – tough for those of us who find ourselves constantly moving. I know I can barely make it down the front walk without stopping to pull an errant weed, never mind I’m in heels and late for work! One of the most beautiful parts of a garden, though, is the lulling sense of peace (perhaps exhaustion?) one feels on those perfect summer days, a hint of wind blowing the hammock and the sweet scent of a happily planted bouquet.

“Summertime, and the livin’ is easy…”

I dare say we garden because of a love of beautiful things. Sometimes it’s easy to forget to step back and appreciate the beauty of what’s already there waiting for us. We creative types love to think we’re making a mark, rather than rearranging something already perfectly beautiful. Consider this a reminder to put down the trowel, pull of your gloves, and look up at something truly perfect.

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