The Rustic Bench

I wrote earlier this week that summer had arrived, as defined by the arrival of the hammock. Well, the garden has room for two more to relax now, as I’ve just completed my second woodworking project! This one was a bit more ambitious than my silly signs, although only by a bit.

The simple bench was built to blend in with the mulch and stone already in place around the pond.

Thanks to Wood Magazine’s “Best Ever Outdoor Projects 2012” special supplement, I finally feel my pond is complete. Never mind I need to remulch and the rocks are sliding slowly to the bottom of the pond; a place to sit comfortably and ponder the day’s plans was exactly what this pond was missing.

I love this little bench; super easy to assemble; low to the ground so that it nearly blends into the (slowly growing) landscaping; and capped by the beloved stone that my husband has promised (threatened?) to strew across the entire yard. I’ve made two already so far and love my little perches and the unique views they afford.

The princess of the pond surveys all in her domain from her favorite spot of late.

I dare say that’s the best part of adding seating to the garden. Every time I sit in a new spot I find I make some exciting discovery. I started to realize that when Akira was just a puppy. I’d take her outside and she soon found a favorite spot, on the mulch around one of the bigger trees. I’d sit out there and watch her become fascinated by a crawling spider, the wind catching the leaves overhead, or a particularly talkative squirrel. I’d watch her eating it all up with her big, brown eyes, and then I’d watch those things that fascinated her, appreciating them for myself.

Sometimes it pays to move a chair into the middle of the lawn to see what suddenly looks different; to turn left instead of right on a regular evening walk to see if your eyes turn to a different view; or to look up instead of at your feet as you hurry to another chore. That’s probably the best thing about gardening – you always have an excuse to stop and smell the roses!


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