Foraging for Blackberries

Some years ago, a bird floating along the windstreams happened to leave behind a blackberry seed or someone living at what is now my home threw out a particularly sour blackberry or perhaps an unwanted bush over the fence. The result is that now the perimeter of my property is filled to bursting with the berry bushes.

Some seed long ago set the stage for its begotten blackberries to run rampant in the acreage around my home. Yum!

This morning Akira and I grabbed a tin pail and a pair of thick socks and work boots and went foraging for the berries, finally beginning to blacken after months of mouthwatering anticipation. As the week’s record heat pulled back today to a mere 87 degrees, I should have added long pants to that prep list. Instead, I’ll spend this evening adding Neosporin to  cuts up and down my legs. It was absolutely worth it, though. I don’t think I’d ever bring myself to plant a raspberry or blackberry bush within the confines of my fence, as the thorny devils can become quickly invasive. Living blackberry-adjacent, however, is a wonderful treat. (As I researched and confirmed my find once more, I stumbled along this treat about a similar discovery, and with a wealth of information for anyone concerned their find may be poisonous.)

After sampling our blackberry harvest, Akira returned her attention to moles, apparently a tastier treat for akitas.

It’s still a bit early yet, so my harvest only yielded about half a pail (a few more, really, as the dog and I sampled some along the way). I’m going to see about finding a creative way to pull the tops of the berry-heavy bushes closer without bushwhacking into the wily prickers themselves. In the meantime, I have some additional research to do. I’m thinking I have enough for a few small berry tarts – I’d love to hear any additional suggestions about tasty ways to enjoy this bounty.

Not a bad harvest for a wild treat.


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