As Unique as My Garden

I was doing a little catch-up weeding this morning when something caught my eye. It wasn’t just the fact that my Encore azalea had finally awakened into dazzling color after a long summer of growing its green. It was the fact that the soft pink perfectly matched the hue of my nearby roses – all except for one bloom.

It’s as if this azalea, half-hidden by the sunlight-hungry Siberian irises that have been crowding it out for the last two years, has been quietly studying up on motivational posters. You know the ones, where the eagle is soaring through a twilight sky, success printed in large letters below in case we somehow missed the obvious connection (I suppose) between flight and achievement. My azalea isn’t so subtle. I think it’s saying: “Hey! Hey,  you! Look at me! You can’t help it, can you? Yeah, that’s because I am unique, one-of-a-kind, beating my own drum, and looking darn good doing so, aren’t I? Try it! Be unique! Don’t be afraid to stand out on your own!”

Forget stopping to smell the roses. It’s amazing to hear what your garden has to say when you stop for a moment to listen.


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