Bulb Frenzy

Last week, I gave a rundown of my plan for the side garden, and how I hope to turn this into a colorful showcase. It was about that time that I became very serious about my bulbs. As I mentioned earlier this month, I’m looking to really go overboard with bulbs this year for a brighter and more colorful spring next year. I’m starting with the basics. At Wal-mart I found a still overpowering selection of daffodils, tulips and crocuses. After much deliberation I settled on:

  • Tulip long stem mix, yellow, pink and red, mid-spring bloom – 36 bulbs;
  • Daffodil Tahiti, dark yellow with orange hints in center, mid-spring bloom, 12 bulbs;
  • Daffodil Ice King, cream with soft yellow in center, early spring bloom, 12 bulbs; and
  • Crocus mix, purple, white and yellow, early spring bloom, 55 bulbs.

I selected more than 100 bulbs in basic bold colors for my spring mix.

Yesterday Akira and I found the perfect time to plant our 115 bulbs, just before a major rain came through. I followed the directions on the bags, planting the daffodil and tulip bulbs about four inches down (roughly, hoping next week’s mulching will add to that depth) and putting the crocus bulbs down no more than 2 inches. I also alternated the tulips with daffodils, hoping that the proximity to the daffodils will protect my tulips from squirrels. Crocuses were planted in a row just behind the bigger bulbs because, well, I didn’t plan ahead that well, but am hoping the crocuses will bloom early enough they won’t be blocked by the taller flowers.

Akira helped me to dig the 4-inch deep recommended holes for my tulip and daffodil bulbs (until I firmly insisted she stop).

That little oops was reminder enough to me that next fall I’ll have to add layers further back, and continue with these plantings until this entire bed is a wash of brilliant color each March and April – and hopefully May and June as well, since I’ve transplanted several bearded and Siberian irises to this bed as well and the gardenias seem to be holding up and growing still.

Of course, this was just one bed. I’m excited to explore the incredible options available in daffodils when the petunias in my front bed die out here soon and I begin updates in that area!

My helper borrows my garden tools.

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