Fall Overhaul

Yesterday I began my fall overhaul of the garden. I still have a handful of shrubs in pots, but things are already looking better.

It turns out my azaleas did grow this summer, we just couldn’t tell because of the overgrown Siberian irises – so out those flowers came. After Chris significantly widened the border of that bed around the deck, we filled it with two flats of pansies. I love the result.


It’s so nice to finally be able to focus on color, and not just background texture.


There is one little problem though. I love my irises, I really do. Maybe a little less after an hour of struggling to get them out of the ground, but still. We planted a handful around a spindly camellia in the corner, which looks after three years as if it just might make it. I figured the tenacious irises might take root in that poor soil area, and help remind me to water.


As for the rest … I’m still working on that.


Drop me a line if you’d like a bundle of irises!



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