A New Entrance

I have undertaken one small project since the start of spring. It was something I’ve been talking myself out of since last May when I went on the Hallowed Ground Tour in downtown Fredericksburg.


I dug out my one remaining boxwood from the leaf-covered mess that is the bed by  my front door and in its place added five dwarf boxwoods in a semicircle. The boxwoods end on either side in a rosebush, each of which at one point served as table centerpieces. These roses (name long since forgotten) have delicate yellow blooms and, while hearty, won’t be taking over a bed anytime soon. I then went ahead and transplanted two of my pink Sweet Drift roses,  at once widening the pathway in the bed from which they have been removed, and adding the promise of color and height over what will, in many, many, many years, be a low hedge bordering them in. In the far back you can see the daylilies coming up; they’ll be adding more height this summer behind the roses.

In the upcoming weeks I hope to add a nice row of white impatiens to the front of the boxwoods and a few bags of mulch to tie the whole thing together. The thought makes me giggle; not the mulch, but the impatiens. I’ve always thought of them as boring little standbys, but now I’m coming to realize how all of those standbys are essential tools of the gardener who wants to create a smooth, orderly look with a few knockout touches. Too many “touches” are what gave me such an unordered mess in the first place, and the reason I’ve been rearranging rather than adding to my living palette.


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