My Summer To-Do List

Being a mom has already proven to be hard work, and I still have several more months to go before my garden-helper-to-be is out in the world. The hardest part for me has simply been that every time I bend down to pull a weed, it takes five minutes, a backache and a bad batch of heartburn before I can struggle my way upright. And digging holes? Forgetaboutit. Urgh.

For the time being, I’m stuck making lists, planning ahead, and pointing (much to the chagrin of husband and every strong-backed individual who has the misfortune to wander too close to my garden paradise). I think I’ve found a few small things I can do, though, and I thought I’d make a to-do list so that by fall I can look back and say, “Well, I accomplished something.” (In addition to giving birth and all that jazz, of course.)

1. Lawn care. Ok, this one falls into the point-and-plead arena, but I thought it would be worth putting on the list simply because Chris has taken lawn improvement into his own hands and I thought it would be worth remembering in October to compare the views and see of our weed and feed regimen has made a difference.

Lawn Improvement Project

2. Control the roses. My knock-out roses may think they’ve won their way out of their pots, but I’m determined to prove them otherwise. I have plans for a simple lattice, using 1×1 wood, screws and a couple cans of spray paint that I’m sure I can do mostly sitting down. I love the enthusiasm of these roses, but their growth is getting out of hand and any day now I’m going to come down the stairs to find they’ve toppled over on themselves and are growing aggressively across the grass.

Knock-out Roses

3. Edge the gardens. While my scraggly plantsĀ  are still struggling to grow (less of a struggle this summer, I’m hoping, with this over-hungry Siberian irises out of the way), the grass, clover and other weeds are having no such problem. Chris and I have been talking since day one about edging each garden with stone to create a finite boundary that the mower can easily run over, determining lawn versus garden once and for all. I’m hoping this is the year. I’ve decided if I just pick up a handful of landscaping stones at Lowe’s a month, I could have half the backyard edged by 2022 (partly kidding). Moreover, I figure hand digging and settling in stone is something I can handle while seated on my happy little weeding mat. On top of that, I found a fantastic inspiration piece on Pinterest for how I would like my edging to look.

Let's hope this fall's "after" shot of this scraggly azalea and company is all-around neater.

Let’s hope this fall’s “after” shot of this scraggly azalea and company is all-around neater.

This list is depressingly short right now, but overall I’m not expecting to make many dramatic changes this year. I suppose number four on the list might be to start drawing out the idea I have for extending the garden around the pond, but I have a feeling that will undergo many changes before fall digging time. We’ll start with this for now and see how it goes.

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