This isn’t exactly a garden post: this is a “I yearn to be outside all day again” post. This is about the latest inhabitant of my little oasis. No, not that one. This one:

HawkBeautiful, isn’t she? She’s been hanging out around the back yard all winter. Maybe she’s been waiting for the fish to come back or maybe Akira has made the moles easy picking for her. Or maybe she just likes the view. But just when I think she’s found a better hunting ground, there she is, sitting on a fencepost or swooping past the nursery window to perch on the porch eaves.

Red Tail Hawk

Some days when the sun is just right, she really glows. Her tail takes on a warm rust color and her cream belly seems to reflect the sun. And she always seems to patient and content, as if there were nowhere in the world she’d rather be than just where she is.

This morning was the first time I really had a chance to capture her. Usually just as I’ve attached the zoom lens, she’s disappeared into the sky. But today my hawk spent hours at the top of this tree, quietly watching the world wake up.


I suppose I’m a little jealous of her. Last year the cold didn’t slow me down, but this year getting outside is a little more of an endeavor. Akira, the little Rosebud and I are spending a lot of time looking out the windows and talking about spring. Which isn’t such a bad thing – it’s good to have a plan when it comes to gardening. But this year, I don’t think spring can come too soon. I’m ready to set out and explore too.

Soaring Hawk


2 responses to “Soaring

  1. Were those buds I saw on that tree? I hope so.

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