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Ode to a Holly Tree

This is the sight that has welcomed my family home for the last several years.

Few days have passed without Chris snarling about  my beloved holly tree.


I love that holly. In the summertime, I can sit out on the porch in complete privacy, sheltered from the rest of the cul-de-sac, lost in my own cool oasis. In the winter time, the holly has been one of the few colorful things in the entire yard, and it’s a very welcome sight at Christmastime. All year long a family of cardinals, and their feathered friends, dance among the branches while I watch from my living room window.

But even I’ll admit that a tree shouldn’t grow that close to anyone’s foundation.


And now she’s gone. My beautiful berried holly is gone, leaving behind nothing but a hole in the ground where the pokeberries have begun to thrive.

For months, I thought if one more person were to tell me how beautifully open the house looked now I would lose it. Then one day, while I was sitting across the yard next to my would-be pumpkins, I thought to myself, “Wow, the house really looks nice and open now.”

I bit my tongue, then realized that it wasn’t the house I really wanted to shelter, it was the yard. And so the plan for the front yard has evolved further, and I have been hunting online and locally for the perfect medium-growing holly trees to create a semi-circle just beyond the house to help shield the yard and provide a new home to my cardinals. I’m looking for a balance between the fast-growing 40-foot heights of the Nellie Stevens or American Hollies and the slow-growing yet more appropriately sized Blue Prince/Princess. The Castle Spire/Wall combination (this variety needs a pollinator) looks promising but the search will continue through September.