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Countdown to the Last Frost

I used to have pretty bleak thoughts about January and February. Bare trees, hard ground, dull and muted colors. What a tough time to be a gardener, I thought, my face pressed to the window pane.

Experience has taught me patience, and now I realize the crucial need for winter planning. This is the time to take out paper and pencils and begin making plans for spring and summer.

The latest sketches are all part of my square series, I suppose. This year I’m doubling my veggie garden, expanding my experiments and upping my ambition. Rather than going in blind (last year being only “practice,” I had assured myself), I’ve come up with a rough plan.

garden planWith a (constantly evolving) plan in hand, I am beginning to look at specifics. Last year I got a late start and my planting options were pretty slim. This year I’ve been dog-earing the pages of the Burpee catalog as I daydream.

Yes, there may still be 3 inches of snow and slush on the ground, but I have a handful of seed packets on my kitchen counter that assure me their contents can be in the ground by the end of March. Sowing time – spring – summer! – is practically around the corner.